What We Do


Our mission is to strengthen the system of individuals and organizations caring for and educating children ages birth to five. By doing so, we hope to ensure that all children are emotionally, intellectually and physically ready to succeed when they enter Kindergarten.


At the most fundamental level, we bring public and private leaders together at the local level to collaborate on early childhood priorities and we pursue funding opportunities that will enable us to advance these same priorities.

We also use a variety of other strategies and activities to advance our mission:

  • We lead Ready Region Southside, a grant initiative focused on:

Strengthening Quality
We ensure all components are in place to coordinate quality measurement and guide improvement in publicly funded classrooms as part of VQB5.

Building Relationships
We engage with leaders across the region to facilitate buy-in for shared accountability and benefit.

Increasing Access
We build and strengthen better processes to help parents learn about and access early childhood education programs in their community, while connecting childcare providers with families.

Engaging Families
We establish and strengthen strategies and structures to ensure family engagement.

  • We work to remove barriers to service parents may face, such as early detection of delays or access to pediatric specialists.

  • We provide collaborative marketing strategies and supports to enhance utilization of early childhood services and resources.

  • We conduct evaluation and research to ensure activities we pursue are data-driven and the impact of initiatives are measured whenever possible.

  • We strengthen the quality of childcare provided by conducting or facilitating free, high-quality trainings for childcare providers on days and times that meet their needs.

  • We administer a regional Infant Toddler Services Network (ITSN) grant providing training and technical assistance for childcare providers serving birth to 36 months.

Our three full-time Infant Toddler Specialists work side by side with childcare teachers and directors to develop a Quality Improvement Plan that meets the individual needs of each childcare program and builds on the strengths of each provider.

Our ITSN team includes the only Behavior Consultant in the region, providing hands-on assistance for childcare providers, parents, and children. Infant & Toddler Behavior Consultation is a collaborative effort and a strengths-based approach to promote optimal social, emotional, and behavioral health for all infants and toddlers.

To be added to our waiting list, please call us at (434) 797-8887.

To learn more about these services, call (434) 797-8887 or visit the ITSN website.